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Sooo….Amy Delaney Voice has a
few Commercial Voice Artist
awards under her belt. Just makes
the pants a bit tighter.

Sooo…Amy Delaney Voice has
quite a few National Commercials
to her credit. Just makes her wallet
a bit thicker.

Sooo…Amy Delaney Voice has
lent her pipes to the baddest Radio
Imaging stations across the world.
Just pumps her full of attitude.

Sooo…Amy Delaney Voice has
Narration credibility with BET,
Animal Planet and CBS (to name
a few). Just makes her think that
she is actually an actor.

Sooo…Amy Delaney Voice has
added Web Voicing to some of the
best sites on the net. Just makes
her think she is living a global life.

Sooo…what’s all the fuss
about? Amy Delaney Voice.
That’s what.

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